Sans Dieu is a Milanese brand founded in 2017 that combines the quality of handmade Italian clothing with the underground spirit of the Milanese metropolis.

The brand logo, the conic two-headed snake, reflects the duality of the brand - quality Italian manufacture merged with the international concept of luxury streetwear.

Sans Dieu has always sought to overcome the barriers of fast fashion; Thanks to our sartorial methods we are able to manage and intervene in all stages of production, from fabric cutting to sewing details, in order to add customization that makes our garments unique.

The choice of fabrics and the meticulous management of the production processes allow us to collect most of the production waste, which is then reused by the SD LAB department to make new garments made entirely or in part from recycled material.

We aim to counter the enormous waste in the fashion world by espousing the philosophy of a circular economy: reducing waste by producing high-quality limited collections that last a lifetime.


Why choose Sans Dieu ?

Because it's not just a name, but a symbol. The symbol of the two double-headed snakes condenses in itself not only the Milanese roots of the
brand, but evokes a thousand-year-old imagery, whose history is lost in myth.

In fact, the serpent reflects the
polarities and contradictions, which Sans Dieu intends to compose together: like two dissonant notes, whose harmony is not yet audible to everyone, but acts
silent in the background. And it is this background, the underground of
metropolis of Milan, a still too unheard source of creativity, which Sans
Dieu aims to compose through the quality of Italian tailoring.

The two serpents are therefore reciprocally the remedy-drug for the other's venom, since every medicine is always also potentially a

Thus Sans Dieu aspires to produce a dialogue between snakes: a dialogue that materializes in the very fabric of the garments it stitches, creates bridges and harmonies between non-communicating forces.

For this reason, the symbol summarizes and conveys the socio-cultural message of Sans Dieu, which through entrepreneurial activity intends to spread a contributory business model by promoting an inclusive community through the sharing of
training events and experiences.

Sans Dieu's business principle is not to establish and expand
B2C relationships, but encourage the development of a focused network
on mutual cooperation, access to which is determined by the purchase of a product. Our goal is that the economic commodity-money exchange is not an end but a means for a bilateral investment, where we lend our knowledge and relationships to implement the ideas and creative projects of the members of the community who choose Sans Dieu.

After all, Sans Dieu (Godless)
it is an observation of the underground, which here becomes an appeal first to
perceive its emptiness and then fill it, because together we can and we win against
his absence